Friday, August 20, 2010

What now?

As the school year moves forward, we all get well adjusted to the routine – and the things that were once new become ordinary yet again. The tennis shoes that were shining the first day begin to show their wear. The sharpened pencils are dull with use, and if they belong to my daughter, they’re sporting teeth imprints near the eraser.

Anyone with children knows, however, that when it comes to school, you take pictures all year long. Here are some great photo-op ideas to commemorate your child’s entire school year.

• Events

• Classroom Parties

Every year my son’s school has a fantastic Christmas party. They all go to school in their Jammies, drink cocoa, eat popcorn and watch the Polar Express. I love it!

• School Plays

I have a close friend whose daughter was in last year’s The Wizard of Oz. She worked so hard and spent hours of extra time learning songs and whatever else went with the play. It was such a wonderful experience for her – something she’ll never forget. Pictures of those memories are absolutely precious!!!

• Friends and Teachers

I can’t remember any of my teachers. I know their names – but I have no idea what they looked like. I wish I did.

Hey - have you ever seen the commercial with the child stuck in mid air, hanging over a pool after he has jumped from the diving board?  He pleads with his mom to get those pictures off the camera, and I must do the same.  Join me as I make a commitment to get my family pictures out of my cameras and off my computer!  My goal is to put my pictures in albums, but I'll write more about that later...

On another note, here are some really cute inserts that we made for Elise's binder to help personalize her folders a bit.  The graphic borders are free at Graphic Garden, and the fonts are free from Kevin and Amanda.  WHAT A HIT!

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