Monday, December 27, 2010

Update and Give-Away for Photographers

First - the give away.
One of my favorite photographic artists is giving away some of her educational materials on her blog.  This is the last week to enter, soooooo.... if you're interested in growing your skill as a photographer, check it out here.  Soulographer is a product of Skye Hardewick with Work of Heart Photography, and her determination to produce more than just the average portrait is inspiring.  It's all about great photography being art.  LOVE that!

And now for the update -
So you know I've been working on building my business.  Slowly but surely.  2010 was a year filled with explorations that I wouldn't trade in for the world.  I was determined to take my time and do it right.  The education I received was absolutely revolutionary to my craft, and I enjoyed the process of growth, revelation, and good old fashioned hard work. 

So where have I been? 

Working my butt off, that's where.  I'm soon to be launching a new website that will display my business, portfolio and provide online viewing options for my clients.  I'm really excited about that, but I've found that it's a ton of work to do it right.  I'm not complaining - just saying...

Along with that will come a new blog in which I will post shots from various sessions that I hold over 2011.  It'll serve a lot the same way this blog did for 2010.  Also in 2011, this blog will morph into something a little more visionary.  It'll be focussed mostly on my exploration of this business - and the lessons I learn (easy and hard).  I'll post here the things I've found that have helped me, and the mud my boots get bogged in.  I'm so excited about this!  This will become the location for my fellow photographers (and those who appreciate the background of the business) to follow. 

Stick with me - it's gonna be a wild 2011.

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