Thursday, May 5, 2011

We're a little reflective around here this morning. 

That might be because of the ordeal we went through with my son, and it might be because of some other things going on in the family.  It really doesn't matter either way.  The point is - today I'm posting a little more reflectively ....  you'll see

  1. Family is priceless. - Through the wake of the many lives tragically affected by storms and floods over the past few weeks, and with my own family struggling with it's own tiny battles, I have been more keenly aware of how absolutely precious our family relationships are.  You can't replace them.  And if they are damaged the pain is so deep that words fall empty in their attempts at explanation and sympathy.  I can't imagine having lost my little guy.  And to lose without the ability to look into pictures to see his crazy smile would be even more tragic (if that were possible).
  2. Life is priceless. - I've spent the past month very wrapped up in the 'accomplishing' of life, and very little time enjoying the 'living' of life.  Last night, as I watered my roses and listened to my kids playing in the yard, I was struck by how precious small moments like that are.  You can't replace them.... you just can't.
  3. Relationships are meant to be connected. - It's so easy to get on facebook, or twitter, or even this blog and write something that you want people to know.  Then you wait for comments, and if people you know relate, they'll comment back.  Occasionally, you might 'chat' with someone, but I've lately missed the engagement of real relationships.  Facebook is not engagement.  It's just words and information.  People don't know how you feel until they see your eyes, hear your voice, and connect.  It's a big deal.  Let's not neglect that.  Without those relationships we are very lonely people.
  4. Sometimes hope is hard. - Yeah, this one's a doozy for me right now.  It has been all year actually.  I like to live in a positive, happy place, and for me - that happens when I know a certain amount of hope in my heart.  Keeping it real - sometimes I'm not good at focusing on the hope I always have.  I tend to see the struggle and difficulty first, but - THERE IS A LOT TO BE HOPEFUL ABOUT.  I just have to keep in the front of my mind that there is an abundance of good in my life.  So many people have harder struggles than I do.  And I have to remember... I don't know everything.  (wink*wink - But don't tell Derrick I admitted that!!!)
  5. Summer is coming. - Tell me, who couldn't use a tall lemonde in the lounge chair watching the kiddos playing in the sprinkler kind of evening?  Just a few short weeks and things will SSSLLLLLOOOOWWW DOOOOWWWWNNNNN..........
  6. Thank God for my camera. - it's not about perfection, people.  It's about the importance of history.  Remember to take it with you.  You'll thank me later.
  7. Growing up is hard. - It's not just hard for the kiddos doing the growing, but it's hard for the mom's, too.  My oldest two are getting to the age where they are developing into their own persons, and I inevitably have to come to terms with the fact that they might be different than I've planned.  Elise is a complex blend of lacey, frilly, baby-doll, princess, and a goal driven competitor.  I have to prepare myself for the moment she decides pink is no longer her favorite color - among other things. Heaven forbid she might not LOVE Laura Ingalls Wilder's On The Banks of Plum Creek!!!
  8. Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming swimming swimming.  What do we do?  We swim! - Okay, well life doesn't always go exactly according to plan.  My tendancy is to drop to the floor and cry until I get my own way.  (real mature, I know.)  I'm doing what I can to "just keep swimming, just keep".... you get it.
  9. Did I mention that summer is coming? - Yeah, it deserves a second shout out.
  10. Go on admit it. - Don't be afraid to admit that you can't do everything.  I mean, really.  Can you save the planet, coordinate the social extravaganza of the year, work full-time building your retirement (and your kiddos college fund), plan every dinner on a calendar, clip every coupon, shop every grocery store sale, plan AND ENJOY semi-annual family vacations, save the rainforst, and every animal on the endangered species list.  All the while advising the crew in your care on their every decision.  Yeah, that doesn't include the yardwork required to win 'Yard of the Month!'  Relax.  It's okay.....  you don't have to...... neither do I.......

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