Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm sitting here in the hospital with my little man.  Camera at home, so no pictures.  Actually, the last time I was at home was Tuesday morning and that was only long enough to shower, change, and get back to my little boy.  Right now he's calmly tucked into his hospital bed, elevated for easy tv viewing, watching the ever appropriate Disney cartoon movie. 

Being here has gotten me thinking.  Mostly, my thoughts have been on my family lately, and that's completely understandable.  It's been a long week.

I'm ashamed to say that I haven't been shooting my family very much lately.  I could blame it on Evan's busted arm, busy school-soccer-ballet schedules, whatever.  The truth is, I've been leaving my camera at home a lot and just lived in the moment.  I've enjoyed it some, but looking back it has made me somewhat sad.  Easter came and went and I didn't have any pictures of Easter egg hunts, or baskets, or coloring eggs or anything. 

In my own defense (it's sad when you have to defend yourself to yourself), Ethan's been very sick. 

But I think it signifies something a little deeper.  I haven't shot much since mid-March.  Looking back I find that's so sad.  Things happened in those months that I can't get back.  My parents came and stayed, spring break came and went, spring started and soccer started and ... well... life happened.  And all of it happened without my camera in hand.

I've missed it.  I even missed getting a shot of Evan with the cast on his arm.


Listen, memories fade over time and you can't get them back.  Days go by and time passes.  I started the book with images for each month, and I really am excited about the idea of being able to go back and look through the year. 

Take my advice - don't miss the moment.  Get out your camera, and even if everything is not perfect - the light, the atmosphere, the stuff - it's okay.  It's more important to have the memory, than to have time fly past you without a record of it to go back to. 

I know I'm just rambling now.  Lack of sleep, harsh hospital lights, and a very sicky baby will do that to your mind, I suppose.  So - I'm signing off... with a renewed decision to not let the little memories of life pass us by without being captured in camera.

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