Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So, I'm updating everything.  EVERYTHING.
And that means I'm updating all of my imaging and pictures for the website and 'coming-soon' blog.  BUT...

I need to update my couples images.

Here's the deal, I'm offering sessions to couples in love - married, engaged, newly together, whatever - the entire session fee is $20.  TWENTY BUCKS!!!  Trust me, NOT gonna happen again.  This is a one time deal so, if you know someone... and we all do....  tell them to contact me as soon as possible. 

They'll get a write up with their love story on the new blog when it's released. 
40% off all images and products they decide to order (provided they order within 2 weeks of seeing their online gallery)
I'm throwing in low resolution images for web-sharing.
If they tell me you referred them, you get $25 off your next session fee....

We're talking, win/win for everyone.

The only catch is that they need to contact me before September 15th.  Email. Facebook. Phone. Somehow, get a hold of me, and you/they can take advantage of this ONLY HAPPENING ONCE kind of event. 

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