Saturday, June 12, 2010

At the Ballet

Alright, so anyone who knows me at all knows that I L-O-V-E ballet.  I always have.  One of my most precious possessions for years was a porcelain ballerina that my daddy brought home for me one random day.  I have no idea what prompted it, but I will never forget the moment he gave it to me.  I was sitting on the floor in my bedroom when he and my mom gave me the box.  I asked him why he bought it and my mom said, "He found it and knew you would love it."

I had porcelain ballet slipper Christmas ornaments, and ballerina calendars, and posters, and dolls.  Anything.  Everything. 

So when my daughter started her ballet lessons, I was thrilled.  She loves it.  I love it.  What a beautiful thing to share!  BUT, there was no way I would ever be satisfied with a one pose farmed picture that every other mother in the school had of their little girl.  No, my Elise was too special for that.  I respect the people who take the pictures - talk about stress!!!! - but I wanted something different to remember the year by. 

So, here are my baby-girl's ballet pictures for her first year.

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