Monday, June 7, 2010


According to Wikipedia, Hooah is a U.S. Army battle cry used by soldiers "Referring to or meaning anything except 'no.'"

Just a couple of weeks ago my nephew finished his basic training with the U.S. Army reserves.  I took a few days off from my regular job to be at his ceremony and hopefully take some good pictures of him as he starts down a new path in his life.  I was so proud!  Proud of his accomplishment.  Proud of all that it means for him, because getting to this point in his life was dire struggle.  Proud of a man.  This was something that HE did.  It wasn't anyone else accomplishing this goal, but Ryan owns it.  He lives with honor.  When I saw him, he held his head high!  He stood with pride.  He stood as a man with the reward that HE has earned.  HE climbed the mountain.  HE fought through pain, struggle, the distance of family, friends and all things familiar.  Hooah!

And whenever I think about all that God has brought him out of, the man he is becoming, I weep.  I am weeping as I write this.

Ryan - you are an inspiration to me!  I mean that with everything in my heart.  If you could feel how my heart is swollen with pride as I think about you, (what you've been through, and who you are becoming) you would begin to know how much I love you. 

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