Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

... and mother's day is tomorrow...

It's a fantastic day for me.  I spent yesterday and today helping my own little ones make their own cards for their Grandmama's, but tomorrow belongs to me.  Me and my babies.  Elise has already made me a card (or three) but I'm not sure what the boys will do (insert smile).  Theire idea of demonstrating affection is jumping on the bed early in the morning to give me sloppy wet kisses.  I love it!

So - to all of you who are mom's - I challenge you (and myself) to seek out the beauty in tomorrow.  And if you're not a mom, show yours some love!

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Anonymous said...

You are AMAZING! You have grown to be a beautiful young woman, wife and Mother but best of all Christian woman. You have so much talent, we are proud of you! We'll be watching your picture site and hope to see you after Amy's son graduates high school next spring. We're going to Florida to see your Mom & Dad.
Lots of love, Aunt Jo

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