Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Summerlin Kiddos

I had the most wonderful time at a family reunion just a couple of weekends ago!  It was the beginning of a long two weeks where my own children would be staying with their grandparents in central Florida.  I had just left them with my mother and I was headed to Moultrie for the annual Eldridge family reunion.  I'll have some fun pictures of that soon. 

Typically I end up hovering around the deep end of the pool, posing as the unofficial life guard!  (Not really).  Actually, because I have three very active kiddos who love to swim, I usually spend most of the reunion making sure my children are safe.  This weekend was very different, though.  With Evan, Elise, and Ethan being with my parents, that left me free to explore the 'family' part of 'family reunion.' 

I must say, it has been confirmed that I L-O-V-E children.  Sure, I shot pictures of adults, the always entertaining auction, and the food (of course), but I just couldn't keep my camera off these beauties.

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