Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Featured Senior ~ Josh Shaffer

There is something that is just REALLY COOL about a Fedora.  Especially a black one with pinstripes.  And a guy that can pull that off is rare to find – that’s the truth!  Here in South Georgia, the baseball caps are everywhere – but a Fedora?!  Come on!  How sweet is that?!
So when I started working with Josh, he was in a suit. 
And he looked great.  Typical suit.  Pictures for Grandma – we all need them.  Grandma’s love us, too.  Actually, they have loved us longer than we’ve been aware of our ability to use our thumbs to pick up tiny Cheerios.  So – shots for Grandma (or Nina, or Nona, or Nana, or Nanny, or whatever you call her) are an absolute must!  We all love our Grandmas. 
But as we started to leave for our ‘on-location’ shooting, I was met with this –
What?!  Are you kidding?!  To myself – this is gonna be SO MUCH FUN! 
And it was.  Yeah, this guy wasn’t afraid of anything.  At one point, actually, he stripped down and changed clothes in the middle of a parking lot just outside the park – (while I tucked myself safely inside the car, CAREFULLY shielding my eyes from any mental damage that could potentially occur as a result of seeing someone – anyone – strip down in public). 

And he was rockin’ the hat. 

And I was LOVING the hat!

Two hours of pure fun – that’s what that shoot was.  Climbing through woods, and up on fire-escapes… could it get any better?
Drumroll, please… entre video

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