Thursday, January 13, 2011

A little about me ~

Here's a little window -
Some random SAE details:
Feels music deeply– sometimes to the point that she weeps.
• Believes that true LIFE is based in the relationships we enjoy. And therefore feels deeply that the relationship with Jesus is more important than anything on earth… Life-giver.
• Believes whole heartedly in the Style Statement blend of her personality – her 80/20 blend is 80% Elegant and 20% Feminine. Look it up… Style Statement
• She is a worship leader who graduated Magna cum Laude for Practical Ministry, with an emphasis on music, and has no trouble pursuing Jesus through worship - whether she’s by herself or with large crowds of people.
• Sarah has been married for over 10 years to a man who is a fire fighter. She loves that he wanted to be a fire fighter because he was passionate to help people when they are at their most desperate. And she is crazy in love with him.
• One of her most favorite thing to do is listen to her daughter make up songs and sing her heart out –
• And watch her boys ‘leave it all on the field’ – as they say – while they’re playing a wild game of soccer.
• And she always cries when they are singing worship songs together…
• Has an ridiculous attraction – borderline “love affair” – for a well made White Chocolate Mocha
• Would rather stay in a B&B than a big hotel.
• Longs to impact people’s lives for the better
• She is a hopeless romantic…
• Who loves classic English literature…
• And can still smell her newborn babies in her mind when she thinks back to that time in her life. It's Johnson & Johnson's lavender…
• And that makes her smile!

Here’s my deal –

I am completely enthralled with life. Really. That’s actually why I love photography the way that I do. I remember the first time I sat down with a couple who had just brought their very first baby girl into this world, I was enthralled.

Up to that point, I had in my mind that I was going to use specific props, and create a specific style of picture. I fashioned it all in my head. But the strongest images I walked away with were relational. It was the look on her daddy’s face as he leaned down and hushed her so quietly.

I talked about it with a friend of mine, and he put it into words so well. Great photography freezes a moment in time.

That was it for me.
It’s not about a pose, or a style, or a location … it’s about a moment. It’s about the relationship between human beings that makes an image powerful. It’s about the life it carries. So I take the pose, style, and location and I wrap it around that life – I thread it into the image to tell the story – and in the end, we get an emotional piece of art that holds so much more value in the heart.

I look back at my children, and I see that the pictures that are the most precious to me are the ones that don’t just document what they looked like when they were younger, but they capture the moment. I love those. I cherish those. The pictures that bring tears to my eyes are the ones that remind me of a season.
In my photography, I pursue that life.

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