Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So many announcments... so little time!

So, everyone knows that I've been literally slaving over that upcoming website.  (Insert enormous sigh) - it's been like the commercial for Nationwide Insurance, where the spokesman is talking to the girl on the park bench - and above her head is a GINORMOUS boulder.  But it's almost done. 

Just a few more kinks to work out... just a few more issues to tackle.... just a few more evenings of late night web design.  I'll be so glad when THOSE are over! 

I'm looking forward to the simpler things in life.  Like - shooting, processing, editing, and designing for my photo sessions.  Oh - and I'm looking forward to actually sleeping.  Alright, maybe I'll forego the sleeping bit so that I can accomplish just a little more before my weary body falls into bed, but the point is - the website's almost done.

I'm scheduling it to launch Feb 1.  It's on my calendar - I've written it in ink so that I'll force myself into sticking to it.  That's right, self.  You can't postpone what's already in ink.  No erasure.  No stalling.  Deal with it.... enough self direction for the moment - pardon the aside.... 

Let me give you just a taste of what you'll find. 

There are several great explanations about the business and about me as the photographer.  The best, to me, is the piece about the artistry of photography.  LOVE IT....  and there's the introduction of the the 12 month maternity/newborn/baby/birthday package.  It's called Bella Baby Buttons and it is a steal!  I'm not kidding.  Because it's just the beginning of the program, the products I'm offering with each session are brand spankin' new.  Album, canvas, 11x14 image box, 8x10 original proofs that are matted...  Easily would cost more than the session fee alone if purchased individually.  VERY temporary pricing - but it's a celebration of the beginning. 

Another great feature is the Weddings program.  Truth be told, I absolutely adore weddings.  Every single one I've been to had me loopy happy, and I end up wishing I was a wedding planner for weeks that follow.  Nothing makes more sense than to build the portfolio and start shooting myself.  SOOO - there's a really sweet portfolio building Weddings plan on the site.  You've got to check that out too. 

OK here's the deal.  Once the site launches, I'm going to do a write up here on the blog about each of the features.  Weddings - Seniors - Bella Baby Buttons ... all of it.  

And THEN there's more to come....  So many announcements, so little time!!! 

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