Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Website~the process...

It was such an ordeal!
There were a great many... MANY... late nights working with all the details that go along with creating a professional website.  Those of you who know me would understand.  I'm a perfectionist.  And I just won't settle for something if it's not right. 
At this point I'll mention that it still has some fine-tuning.  There are a couple of images on the site that aren't displaying as sharply as they should.  Those have to be taken care of.  And there's a couple of images that need changed out...  it's on my daily-reviewed 'to do' list.  But in the end, I'm happy with what I have.  It's a good reflection of me.  It's well branded.  It feels complete.  And - in general - I love it. 

On to the next project!!! 

My husband hates that phrase... inevitably it means that there's more work coming!  (insert wicked little snicker here)...  I'm just kidding.  It is true though.  He has his projects, and I have mine - all leading our family deeper into this business of photography. 

What's his project?
You know, that answer varies from day to day based on what need is most pressing.  If you know anything about "The Peach House", you'd know that the whole darn thing is an amazing work in progress.  And yes, the peaches are still there....for now.  Lately we've been painting.  Everything.  First was my kitchen - then the studio.  Now, we're on to the hallway, and the living room.  Both are getting major cosmetic rejuvenations!  The living room is attached to my studio, and I want to be able to shoot in there, also.  Ah, yes.  Two birds - one stone.... extend my shooting square footage and update the living room.  YEAH!!  Somewhere in there is the main bathroom which is still in the middle of a major remodel.  We're talking down to the studs, people.  That's high on the priority list, as well. 

What's my project?
At this point I have a lot going on.  Ordering materials, samples, equipment (YAY new soft box light, and DOUBLE YAY upgraded Photoshop to CS5 - that's a big deal).  Then there's the senior branding, which all has to be designed and printed, along with the site design (more late nights).... and then - MARKETING PLAN.  Yes, folks, it's true.  There's no business without good marketing.  And 2011 is my year to market.  I need more clients.  Steady clients.  Maternity, newborns, children, families, seniors, and weddings....DEFINITELY weddings.  Derrick and I both want to build the weddings portfolio and start offering the people getting married in this area more than what's here.  More about that later.  Seriously...  soon. 

Back on the subject - clients... so I'm preparing for 2011 to be busy.  And I'm TOTALLY looking forward to it!

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